ice_cream_lover(Mexico)May 6, 2007

Hi, I got an old maple it's 20 years old, and we´re moving and I would like to know if I can propagate my tree to our new home. Do you how I can do it ?


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What type is it? Most native species of maples can be propagated fairly easily by cuttings.

However, Japanese maples are more difficult and often must be grafted. Some common upright varieties such as 'bloodgood' or 'sango kaku' can be done by cuttings, but it does require good conditions and timing. Many dwarfs and more tender varieties (including many weeping dissectums) should probably be done from grafting unless heat, humidity, and sunlight are kept very ideal with a greenhouse.

Either way, the worst possible time for propagating is right now (spring) for most trees. Cuttings can be done at the first of June, but the new growth must be hardened off before this can be done.

Grafting can be done as early as August, but is more easily done in February from my experience.

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Call a nursery.


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