Kasagiyama or Bloodgood?

rockhavenMay 5, 2013

How do you tell the difference between Kasagiyama and Bloodgood? My sense is that the Kasagiyama has a redder leaf, with more serration and darker veining, but don't know for sure if that's how to tell the difference. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.

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They should be very distinct!!

'Kasagi Yama' is considered to be variegated and in the Matsumurae group - the primary color is a brick red but will alter widely with sun and shade conditions as well as the age of the leaf. Generally it has a lot of greenish tones to it but can sometimes be quite pale.....more like 'Shigatatsu Sawa' :-) And very obviously veined.

'Bloodgood' is solidly colored and and in the Amoenum group. It is a very deep purple red, no contrasting veining and with a rather larger leaf.

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Thanks. I think there are some trees mislabeled at a local nursery and wanted to make sure before I grab one. I don't see Kasagi Yama very often except what's available for mail-order.

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Gardengal - Here's a picture of the leaf. Any thoughts on the variety? (Again, it was labeled Bloodgood but it doesn't look like Bloodgood to me.)

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Well, that's definitely NOT 'Bloodgood', that's for sure !! :-)) With that coloring and pronounced veination, it looks very much like 'Kasagi Yama'. I grow this one myself and although mine is beginning to "green out" a bit with the sun, it still looks very similar.

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