Strawberries and raised beds

pitterpat_2009March 30, 2010

I ordered 200 day neutral strawberries and am thinking of

using the mulch layer we got used on craigs list last year to plant them in a raised bed with black plastic and using an irrigation line down the middle. I have read planting

8 inches staggered is ok for day neutrals but will instead go every 12 inches to get the water tape closer to the plants, any one plant day neutrals that can give insight as to how many years one can get out of strawberries planted this way? not sure how to run a new water line tape under the plastic after a winter or two,,,, will play it by ear somewhat I expect.

Thanks for any insigt planting strawberries this is a first for us.

Pit Pat

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You can 2 years but it really is better to treat these as an annual. we have gone 3 years on ever bearing strawberries and the 3rd year was always crappy-low quality and low yields.

One thing we have done (though not as consistently as we should) is plant a new bed in the fall and put a hoophouse over it so it will flower in March and set berries by May 1st (you don't have to pull off the flowers if you fall plant as the plant will get large in fall/over winter with no flowering). Than in spring we have several beds on strawberries, some newly planted and some in their second year.

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do you also mulch the black plastic with straw to keep from freezing as I am way north of boulderbelt, so I will most likey have to mulch to get a second year.

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I don't use plastic mulch on my strawberries. I like to have runners make volunteer plants for the future. Year before last, we planted 400 Jewel plants. They produced last year, and averaged between 8-10 runners per plant. Now this year, we will be moving some of those runner-plants into places that plants died off. If I had to speculate how many plants I have now, from those 400, it would be between 1,500 to 2,000 and maybe more.


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We put hoop houses over them in winter ideally. At the very least we will put 30 or 50 weight row covers over top of the beds.

You can use a 12" layer of straw but row covers work at least as well and are easier to deal with.

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