WANTED: 2008 fall mag swap: plants you want list

avoirgold(z7 MD)August 18, 2008

2008 Fall MAG Swap: Plants You WANT List

Sunday, September 14, at 10 am (ish) at Black Hill Regional Park in Boyds, Maryland


If you're new to the swaps, please take the time and have the courtesy to read these posts. They're here to help everyone have a good time.

Yes, you can come if you don't have any plants.

1. Post a list of the plants you want, ideally with Latin names to avoid confusion and cultivar names if they have them, and you know what they are.

2. Read other people's lists. If you see things you want and would like to swap or trade for, e-mail the person to arrange it.

3. Do NOT arrange the swap or trade on this thread.

4. Do NOT post a list of plants that you HAVE for swapping or trading on this list. There is a separate HAVE thread for this purpose.

5. Do NOT discuss who will be bringing what kind of Bavarian apple tart or other food to the swap. There is a separate HAVE thread for food.

6. Do update your member page with your Haves and Wants.

7. Much more info on the Haves list thread.

Wishing everyone a great swap! Happy gardening!

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I want

Helenium autumnale (sneezeweed)
Red osier dogwood (Cornus sericea, Cornus stolonifera)

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Please, pretty please, I would like some pond plants for my indoor fish tank. Water hyacinth, parrot feather, etc. I can give a good home to some fish or tadpoles too for the winter.

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kimka(Zone 6B)

I need scads of sweet woodruff
Black mondo grass
Tall phlox that is sweet smelling
Red twig dogwood

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(Ahem. Kim. I get first dibs on any red twig dogwood. See above. Just so you know.) :-)

I would also like some swamp milkweed (Asclepias incarnata). (I got some from somebody at a swap a few years ago, but it got eaten up entirely by some milkweed tussock caterpillars, and that was the end of it.)

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avoirgold(z7 MD)

Blue Fortune Agastache (all mine died) :-(
Italian Arum
Creeping Thyme
Tall Phlox (NOT pink)
Pink/red dogwood
3 or 5 gallon buckets without holes


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wtgxi(7 MD)

My children would love to have a butterfly garden.

Plants that either caterpillars and butterflies love such as butterfly weed

Any type of mints or herbs.


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Hardy Banana
I have an area with VERY VERY dry mostly sun that I need things for - suggestions?
Hardy Agave
Hardy Yucca
Hens and Chicks
Hardy Gingers
Clumping Bamboo (non-invasive but tall type)
Sabal Minor (Hardy)
Prickly Pear Cactus
Any hardy cactus
Pink Canna
Camellia - hardy, tall, and shade tolerant
Swiss Stone Pines
White Pine
Needle Palm (or other really hardy palm)
Pink or White Lavender
Tall Growing Lavender
Hardy Rosemary
Verbena (low type and hardy)
Hardy Cyclamen
Late Dafodils
Any very early spring bulb
Any Fall bulb
Any Fall blooming plant

Cannelli Bean seeds
Any Bean seeds
Sungold tomato seeds
Red Pear tomato seeds

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I want some rain, too.

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I'm looking for the following:
~ Lavender
~ Arctic Fire Dianthus
~ Firewitch dianthus
~ Monkshood
~ Hydrangea Paniculata (Pee Gee) white
~ Lambs ears
~ Black Knight Butterfly Bush
~ Scented geraniums (any varieties)

~ Plantaginea (August Lily) Hosta
~ Undulata Albomarginata Hosta
~ Francee Hosta
~ Blue Mouse Ears
~ August Moon
~ Honeybells
~ Moonlight Sonata
~ Blue Angel

~ snow drops
~ Daffodils (whites)
~ Lily of the Valley

~ Any deep reds and pinks
~ Sweet Hot chocolate
~ Snowy Eyes
~ Lavender Rainbow

Tomato Seeds:
~ Cherokee Green
~ Cherokee Purple
~ Kellogg's Breakfast
~ Sungold

~ Cleome


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- any Hellebore
- variegated solomon's seal
- european ginger
- canadian ginger
- allegheny spurge
- great blue lobelia (lost mine in the drought last year)
- bergenia
- christmas fern

or any native wildflower or shrub


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I can't have anything bulky in my car at my destination, but could drop off my self-watering containers at someone's house on my way up and pick up stuff on the way back. I also have good access to a supply of 4 gallon buckets so could drop those off too.

Eggplant seeds!!!! - *any* kind except Black Beauty and Swallow (I have those). Asian or smaller/thinner (not mini) eggplants preferred

LARGE pots - over 5 gallons. Plastic preferred. Black Nursery pots ok.

Tomato seeds for somewhat cooler weather or shade tolerant plants. ones that can go a little earlier, have a shorter growing period and the plant is a little smaller than normal.

Plant supports for smaller plants. Such as peppers or eggplants. Like the ring systems that are used for flowers. I found that while eggplants don't need staking for support, I think they need staking for wind.

Small amounts of fertilizer. Fish and seaweed or if someone had the garden tone for veggies that would work too. Or pesticides that would be good for spider mites yet be safe for food.

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oogy4plants(6B MD)

I'm looking for:

- broom sedge
- bottlebrush grass
- northern sea oats
- little bluestem
- purple love grass

- black eyed susan
- coneflower
- goldenrod
- NY ironweed
- new england aster
- pussytoes
- creeping thyme
- green and gold
- wild geranium
- blue mistflower (wild ageratum)

Let me know if you want to trade with me by email this week. I'll be on vacation next week before the swap, so I may not be able to respond.


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Here are things I've been wishing for. Seeds are fine if you can't spare a plant.

pink lisianthus
prairie gentian (eustoma grandiflorum)
white lupine
white veronica
portulaca - "Cinderella"
euphorbia - "Diamond Frost"
ferns (especially Japanese painted)
irish moss
bleeding heart
columbine - "Dwarf Fantasy" or any other dwarf
coral bells
solomon's seal (would love to find variegated)
climbing hydrangea
need shade lovers
need full sun perennial ground cover
cutting from Japanese persimmon - "Jiro"
hosta (let me know what type you have)

Also need stakes if anyone has an abundance. All heights.
And need "browns" for my composter. Old newspapers anyone?

Thanks for looking!

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Just remembered three things:

Lavender - a medium to short variety
Apple or peach tree - a sucker or a cutting from a short variety would be good
Lilac - a sucker from the dwarf variety

And I second Alfie--rain would be nice! (But not on swap day!)

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A few things I am looking for....
Daylilies- any except orange ditch
Lilys- any type
Miyazaki toad lily
Iris - any
tulip bilbs - unwanted or dug up
Allium bulbs- giant
purple rain polemonium
Nicky phlox
Jack Frost Brunnera
any polmonarias
tiarella- any
heuchera- any

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I want a fragrant, yellow deciduous azalea, supposed to be very hard to grow from cuttings. If you have one that you can try to clone by pinning down a branch til it grows enough roots to be separated from the mother plant, please think of me. I will be offering this deal for the next few swaps or till I give up and buy one.

Since I have very little space, in order to have room for this azalea I would have to remove a well rooted blueberry bush which you could have in trade. I have lots of blueberries and they are good, but I really want a yellow azalea.

Also I have several different peonies that I could divide to sweeten the deal. See my have list. Don't be shy. I'd be happy to trade everything for a yellow azalea. Add saffron crocus bulbs....phlox David....I'd better stop before I offer someone my first born son. Did I mention that I really, really want a fragrant yellow azalea?

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