Dept of Ag Notice: Daylily Rust

robin_maineSeptember 22, 2004

This notice came from the Department of Agriculture today.

During an inspection at a business in the Bangor area on August 18, 2004 daylily rust was identified on plants originating from Imperial Nurseries facility in Florida. This marks the first find of this disease in Maine. Daylily rust was first detected in the southeastern region of the US in 2000. Previously it had only been found in Asia. It spreads quickly and in 2001 was identified in 30 states.

The plants affected in Bangor included the varieties 'Houdini', 'Summer Wine', 'Cherry Cheeks'; and 'Catherine Woodbury' all coming from Imperial Nurseries. We have contacted Imperial Nurseries; they had one other shipment of suspect daylilies to Maine. Upon following up on these plants, we have found that they are not exhibiting symptoms of daylily rust. Varieties vary

in susceptibility, but because this disease spreads easily many daylilies are susceptible. It is important to continually monitor and inspect your plants to help prevent the widespread movement of this and other diseases and insects.

Symptoms of daylily rust to look for include: Orange to yellow raised spots on the underside of leaves, leaves with yellow to brown streaks, yellow spots on the surface of leaves and in severe infections leaves turn yellow and dry up. Attached is a link to more information on daylily rust and what to look for when scouting your plants. As ever, please feel free to contact us at 287-3891 or via email with any questions concerning this or any other plant related issue.

For more information:

For a list of varieties susceptibility:


Sarah Scally

Assistant Horticulturist

Maine Department of Agriculture

Augusta, ME 04333


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veilchen(5b southern Maine)

That's too bad, but I wonder if those southern plants were just shipped this year? I have heard that daylily rust is incapable of overwintering here due to the cold. If that grower in Bangor has had those daylilies in the ground for over a year, I am curious if they had rust last year.

The ME dept. of ag. doesn't mention that rust spores can be killed overwinter, so maybe the jury's still out.

I really hope that this isn't something that takes hold here, because daylilies are one of the few hardy plants that are fairly disease- and pest-free.

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what is the treatment or are they just thrown out?

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Daylily rust doesn't overwinter much past Virginia. It's almost a non-issue in the northern states.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rust

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I understand that Imperial supplies to all the Homedepot and walmarts in our area. But as Suenh and veilchen suggested that the rust disease doesnt sounds harmless enough for our neck of the woods.

Another plus for living in Maine!

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