Need Large JM

becky_rose(NCa)May 31, 2007

What is the largest Japanese Maple. I saw one at a local college campus that is about 30 years old, growing up through an atrium, and it's about 40 feet tall.

25 feet seems to be the top size I see listed in descriptions. Does anyone know of any that get large?

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There's a Bloodgood 'looking' JM outside where I work that is about 30 feet wide and probably 35 feet tall. The top of the tree comes to the bottoom of the 3rd story window of my building. I don't know for sure what it is, but all its features point towards Bloodgood. It's definitely on the large side of the biggest size estimates.

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The straight species Acer palmatum has the ability to get to a pretty large size - 30' trees are not that uncommon in this area and they can get larger - but it takes considerable time to reach those types of proportions. Trees growing in a somewhat restricted area, like an atrium that is enclosed on 3 or more sides, will often produce a growth habit that is determined more by the circumstance than by nature, growing taller with reduced width.

And keep in mind that mature sizes listed in resources represent a typical average - depending on situation, care and longevity, trees can and often do grow taller than the 'maximum' heights listed.

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Vertrees book has some of the Acer japonicum maples growing to pretty large sizes like 'Vitifolium'. Not sure about some of the other ones under the species japonicum. Vertrees is a great reference and has a listing/table in the back that has the size for all at maturity.

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