evergreen for perennial border?

lmjonesmaineSeptember 13, 2004

I moved to a new house this summer and want to redesign a perennial border. Right now it all dies down to the ground so it is a big flat dirt area winter and spring. I'd like to make it more interesting all year round.

Here is what I am looking for:

Evergreen plants/small shrubs that would do well in a perennial border. Need something that is not more than 3-4' high and not huge spread. Interesting foliage as background for perennials in spring/summer. The area is mostly shaded.

Any ideas for zone 5?--anyone have good luck with certain plants looking nice all year round in their gardens?



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veilchen(5b southern Maine)

It may be difficult to find the 3-4' height limit for a conical or upright shape, but you can find plenty in the 5-6' range. It takes several years for them to reach that height, and you can prune to keep them in bounds.

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If you're interested in conifers "mostly shaded" is probably going to come down to a choice between Tsuga (hemlocks) and Taxus (yews).
Among broadleaf evergreens some of the smaller rhododendrons (e.g. yakushimanum cultivars or myrtifolium)Buxus, compact Ilex glabra selections and compact Kalmia latifolia selections might be possibilities. Without more info (exact location? deer? drainage? wind exposure? soil pH? snow loading? winter sun? etc.) it is impossible to know what might be appropriate. A good nursery such as Anderson Farms, O'Donal's, or Estabrooks should be able to guide you.

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