Sherwood Flame - is it?

dewy22May 18, 2010

Hi. I have a few questions about my recent Japanese Maple tree purchase. Can someone verify that this is a real Sherwood Flame? The picture of Sherwood Flame I found online doesn't look like my JM. From Sherwood Flame

Here is a few pictures of the leaves:

From Sherwood Flame From Sherwood Flame

Some of the leaves have white holes on them. Any ideas why this is happening? I went to a local nursery and they said it was caused by bugs. I don't recall seeing any bugs on it. From Sherwood Flame From Sherwood Flame


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Why do you think it is NOT 'Sherwood Flame'? The foliage looks exactly as it should and the overall form of the tree appears to be that of SF as well.

The leaf spotting is enviromental and is often seen on red leaf JM's in spring, especially in the PNW. Newly emerging foliage gets easily damaged by transport and by weather. It will grow out of it and is of no concern. No bugs :-)

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Thanks Gardengal48. Well, on, I posted a few pics of my SF on their gallery page, but people said mine isn't a SF. I guess it doesn't matter to me if it is SF or not. I just want to know what JM specimen I am growing.

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marcindy(z5b, Indianapolis, IN)

No, I don't think this is a SF. The leaves on your tree are not serrated enough for a SF. They also are not divided all the way to a point. I don't think this a SF. Compare the leaves to Bloodgood, Fireglow, Oshi Beni, Emperor I or any of the other popular red-leaved varieties at a nursery. I think you will find a lot of similarities there.

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Foliage close-up of 'Sherwood Flame' - you decide :-)

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