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alfie_md6September 18, 2007

The MAG Forum Fall Swap and Browniefest Extravaganza will be at Black Hill Regional Park in Boyds, Maryland, on Saturday, September 29, from 10 am until all the hot dogs have been eaten.

For directions to the swap, you can type "[your address] to Black Hill Regional Park MD" into Google Maps http://maps.google.com/maps

Once you turn into the park from West Old Baltimore Road, keep going on the same road (Lake Ridge Dr) until you get to the SECOND parking lot on the right (across from the Shelter E parking lot). This is the parking lot belonging to the Nature Center (where the bathrooms are). I will put a sign saying "MAG Plant Swap" on the sign next to the parking lot entrance -- unless the park police take it down.

(For people who have been to previous swaps at Black Hill Park: this is a different parking lot from the last times. I was worried that the other parking lot was too small, and people would have to park illegally on the grass.)

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Whoops! I only realized last night that the four-year-old has a swimming lesson Saturday morning. So there's no way that we can be there before 10:30 at the earliest. People can still come at 10:00, of course, but there won't be a sign yet. I really, really apologize.

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Alfie, could you stop by and post the sign before the swimming lesson? If not, I'm sure 10:30 is fine, just thinking about those who get there a little early and might end up in the wrong spot. (I'm never early.)

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avoirgold(z7 MD)

Another option is to put the sign up the night before if the park will allow that.


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I'm pretty close to this area, do you want me to post the sign alfie? i can't believe you have a four year old, time goes fast


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Thanks, Kathleen, but what if the spot you think we're going to isn't the spot I think we're going to?

I will try very hard to get the sign up before the swimming lesson. Let's say there's 90% chance.

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treehouse(z7 MD USA)

I can't make it this fall again!!!!! Boo! Hoo!


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Another change -- I can't make it to the swap at all, due to a sudden family emergency. I really, really, really apologize. I hope everybody gets to the right place. For the people who were at the other swaps: it's the parking lot right after the parking lot we had the other swaps at. Maybe somebody can come early and bring a sign?

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I have a family emergency too. (And, no I am not related to Alfie.) So I hope someone else will bring hot dogs :-(

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