wanted: food and stuff list for the 2010 fall mag swap

avoirgold(z7 MD)September 28, 2010

Food and Stuff List for the 2010 Fall MAG Swap

on Sunday, October 10, at 10 am (ish)

at Black Hill Regional Park in Boyds, Maryland

This is the secret to our great swaps - those who don't bring PLANTS bring FOOD. Preferably homemade and loaded with calories 'cause it's tough work doing all that trading and socializing. Extra points for food with chocolate. And if you have no plants and no talent in the kitchen, we still need supplies, and drinks, and ice, and potato chips.....

Non-food Needs:

Self-adhesive labels for participants (Nothing fancy, old Floppy Disk labels work well, for example).

Charcoal and Lighter Fluid for Charcoal if you're planning to grill.

A few non-gardening husbands or partners to run the grill (makes 'em feel useful).


Napkins and Paper Towels.

Paper Plates-Paper or Plastic Cups.

Large Heavy Duty Garbage Bags for Clean-up.

Toilet Paper & Paper Towels.

Anything I've forgotten to list.




Main Courses


Other desserts

Condiments: Mustard, Relish, Catsup, salt & pepper.

Rolls if you're having hot dogs and burgers

Also, this is a great place to show off your very special recipes that your family won't touch, like lavender flavored shortbread or zucchini fudge or whatever - CAUSE IN THE INTERESTS OF BOTANICAL SCIENCE, WE'LL EAT IT!

Questions? just include them in your post here, or feel free to post them here. Someone will surely jump in!

Have fun finding new homes for your surplus plants and discovering new plants you didn't know you needed!

Wishing everyone a great swap! Happy gardening!

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ellicottcitycathy(7a/baltimore suburb)

swedish meatballs in a crock pot

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A dozen deviled eggs (brunch, right) and home-made bread of some sort.

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I plan on bringing Rotisserie chicken & pita bread.


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I can bring paper products - plates, napkins and cups


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We'll bring a big cooler of mint iced tea, another of ice and some sort of dessert.

Diana Lynn and Melanie

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German apple cake.

(Has anybody ever actually brought zucchini fudge?)

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kimka(Zone 6B)

I know people have brought zucchini chocolate bread (like a cake really), but I don't remember zucchini fudge. I'll bring fudge brownies, probably with nuts or rum.

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avoirgold(z7 MD)

Pasta salad and some kind of cookies


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Since it's gong to be warmer than I expected,
I'mswitching to strata, a baked egg dish that doesn't have maonnaise and can be served at room temp. Lisa

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