HAVE: have list for mag fall 2005: sat, october 15th, @ ssfs

busyasabee(7MD)September 10, 2005

Location: Sandy Springs Friends School

16923 Norwood Road, Sandy Springs, MD 20860

Date: Saturday, October 15th, 2005

Time: 10:00am - 1:00pm ????

Grand Poobah: Prof. Dirt

This is the plants HAVE list for the SSFS MAG Fall Swap 2005 at Sandy Springs Friends School on Saturday, October 15th, 2005.

I have cut/paste Chris's guidelines from years past regarding HAVE List for MAG Swap.

Posted by ChrisMD 7 (My Page) on Sat, Jul 31, 04 at 17:31

DIRECTIONS for the HAVES list:

1. Post a list of the plants you have, ideally with Latin names to avoid confusion, and cultivar names if they have them and you know what they are.

2. Read other people's lists. If you see things you want and would like to swap or trade for, e-mail the person to arrange it.

3. Do NOT arrange the swap or trade on this thread.

4. Do NOT post a list of plants that you WANT for swapping or trading on this list. There is a separate WANT thread for this purpose.

5. Do NOT discuss who will be bringing what kind of Bavarian apple tart food to the swap. There is a separate HAVE thread for food.

6. Do update your member page with your Haves and Wants.

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O.k. Pholks, here goes.
I have a flowtron leaf shreader, it's a early model, but it works fine.
I just repaired my craftsman brand leaf shreader and I don't need two (or six, I've given away five other flowtrons) so if any body wants it......


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cfmuehling(7b DC/MD burbs)

Don't forget that this thread was begun previously here by me, who in my enthusiasm, put it in as October 18. However, those patient with me have already begun their wants/haves, so don't forget to check it!

(Unless some moderator can merge the threads....)


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cfmuehling(7b DC/MD burbs)

I'm going to try to contact people as I see their wants, because with this horrible drought, I'm not sure what I have! I know that I have a huge, white mop head hydrangea I could start cuttings from, if someone were interested.
I can also start cuttings from hydrangea 'The Swan' if anyone were interested. This one is actually stunning, with petals so big they look like dog wood blossoms. I have 1 'Elvis Lives' hosta division
2 or 3 'Golden Tiara' hosta
Lots of fabulous coleus cuttings if you're adventuresome
A beautiful double-blossom, red tropical hydrangea that did overwinter well last year. It's too big for me now. It will come with its own pot, but should probably be repotted.
I can do sedum cuttings of 'Autumn Joy' or 'Vera Jameson'
Buddleia cuttings of 'Attraction' 'Black Knight' 'Royal Red' 'Honeycomb' 'White Profusion' 'Nanho Purple'
I can dig rooted pieces of a single or double, light and dark lilac (respectively) heirloom lilac if you contact me.
'' Crape Myrtle

And for the record, I'll be bringing:
Larry: 'Rubra' Crape Myrtle
Shirley: 'Okmulgee' Crape Myrtle
Vlad or Kimka: 'Purple Velvet' Crape Myrtle

If I think of more, I'll be back!

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Ooh, ooh, can I have a butterfly bush honeycomb cutting? That's the yellow one right?
"The Swan" sounds interesting too!

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What Christine said; "with this horrible drought, I'm not sure what I have!"

With that in mind, my Haves list will be undergoing continual updating; please check it out on my GW Exchange Page.

i will try to bring everything anyone wants from my Haves list, but will not dig plants which look wilty and boarderline. If i have listed a plant, i probably have plenty, so don't be shy about asking for several of something! Or about asking for several different plants. i just want to find good homes for my extras!

Happy gardening,

Here is a link that might be useful: vladpup's Exchange Page

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So far, this is what I'm planning on bringing:

Anemone sylvestris (white)
Columbines - Aquilegia
Liatris (purple)
Yarrow - Achillea millefolium (light pink & white)

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kimka(Zone 6B)

I posted on the Oct. 18 thread, but for surety I will post my feeble haves here too. With this drought, there's not as much as I had expected.

Wild raspberry plants
Orange ditch lilies
Japanese pachysandra evergreen
Archangel (yellow flowered)
Trumpet vine (yellow flowers)IÂll only dig if it is requested
Carpet rose (pink flowers) IÂll only dig if it is requested
Butterfly bushes (one year old) lavender flowers
Rose of Sharon bluebird

Cleome seeds (violet, pink and white)
Impatiens seeds (multi colors)

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lvmygrdn(z7 MD)

I won't have much but will bring food. I will be bringing Crocosmia (yes, Christine I have yours). They bloom orange sorry I don't know the name. It was given in a trade many moons ago. I am going to see what else I have this weekend.

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FYI... the orange version of the red Crocosmia ( Lucifer) is called Montbretia. I have alot of that in one of my gardens and it's gorgeous if you like tall, bright orange small-flowered, spikey flowers. It spreads very nicely.

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Please check my member page for things you might want.
I will be adding more plants this week when I take inventory of what I will be digging out.


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treehouse(z7 MD USA)

I have-
baby food jars, someone asked for these before or maybe it was the art teacher I work with.

hosta seedlings- no id, volunteers from whatever I have, good for fill-in

pavers- a variety of shape, can only bring a small amount @ 50, I have a small truck


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Because of my work schedule, the drought, and other minor crises, I won't have much to trade at the fall swap. I do have the rooted rosebush from busyasabee that the GW folks helped to ID as Carefree Beauty - I can't find a place for it in my yard! And I have the usual assortment of gardening magazines to give away. If I'm lucky, I might have a few other plants.

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madeleinef(z7 MD)

I will bring:
- a few pots of Euonymus fortunei (evergreen wintercreeper)
- seeds: marigold, bachelor buttons, cilantro
- a green downspout diverter for use with a rain barrel, with instructions
- landscape fabric, hardly used
- quart-size yogurt containers to use as pots
- by prior request only, i can dig up creeping thyme, wild inedible native strawberry with small yellow flowers and red berries (great maintenance-free and attractive ground cover), oregano, sweet woodruff, vinca, native violets

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Rose of Sharon seedlings
Perineal Helanthus (some descendents of the very first swap!!)
Limited apple mint
White bee balm
Japanese maple

Hose + holder
Hummingbird feeder
Female hose coupler

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kimka(Zone 6B)

I have a very limited number of seeds for Black Pearl--a 2006 All American selections. It is an ornamental pepper with black leaves and small knobish peppers that start out glossy black and turn bright red as they mature.

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sfmiller(z7 MD)

I have small quantities (damn drought!) of:

Salvia guarantica (the species, cobalt-blue blooms, from cuttings)
Salvia transylvanica (seedlings, will bloom next year)
Tricyrtis latifolia (decent sized first-year seedlings)
blue mophead hydrangea (not sure of variety, Niko maybe? gallon-sized plants from cuttings that should bloom next year)
Columbines (seedlings of "Ruby Port" and "Nora Barlow," but as promiscuously as they cross I make no guarantees)
Armeria maritima (sea thrift--pink blooms)
Sedum "Vera Jameson" (from cuttings)
Aster tongolensis (East India aster--divisions; this aster has compact foliage, blooms in late May)
Geranium "Claridge Druce"
daylilies (undistinguished seedlings, some tall in red/orange shades, some short yellows, probably Stella D'Oro offsprings)
ditchlilies (could dig if anyone really wants them)


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lwood321(MD - PGCo.)

I'll be bringing

Blackberry lilies (and their seeds)
Small jade houseplant, if you email me for it

Sorry I don't have more, but I'm just getting started.


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Have, Nandina domestica, small plants in pots,healthy and well rooted.
Siberian Iris White Swirl.Beautiful and disease free.
Dwarf standard Iris, Baby Blessed. 12" Yellow. reliable rebloomer, blooms in April and again in Sept. until frost,blooming now will bring a blooming plant for show and tell.
Daylilies, two varieties both red, Scarlet Orbit, 3 plants in pots. New Note , a crimson red. Not yet dug I am guessing 3 plants. Maybe other plants if the weather is good tomorrow, and my strength holds out. Vicki B

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HAVE: 2-3 panels of 6 foot stockade fencing and an equal amount of posts. I will not be bringing this to the swap. If you're interested in this, speak with me at the swap. You must be willing to come by my house to pick this up, and yes, you'll need a good-sized truck.

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stephsgarden(z7 MD)

This is my first swap:). I don't have much to trade because I just put in my garden this spring but I do have MANY plastic nursery pots and trays of various sizes that I have saved from putting in the garden. I also have a few offspring from an aloe vera plant that I am planning on bringing. And are coffee and muffins/scones OK to bring as far as food goes or should I be thinking more along terms of lunch? Thanks, Steph

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redcat72(z7 MD)

Sorry for the late post - here is my have's list from myself and my mom:
Decorative pots and planting pots (unused)
Hardy Mums
Burning Bush
Blackberry Lily
Hybrid Daylilies
Hybrid Hostas

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Some last minute additions to my bring list....
I have some nursery grade seed starting trays and pots.
I also have some green hosta.....one with a bit of a cream edge and the other 3 all green.


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Thanks to all at the spring swap ~ my formerly barren landscape was beginning to take shape (tho the drought tried to undo much of it, claiming the Ostrich fern ?Larry gave me)... Still I have a few things to bring;

Black-eyed susans
purple coneflower
magenta/purple ?wild tall phlox
Sedum Autumn Joy
large nursery pots
assorted clay pots
small baby food jars
assorted magazines, bird feeders & whatever else I scrounge from my garden shed!

I'll be driving the BIG & LOUD blue truck & dragging around my toddler Sarah again... Please stop and see if there's anything you want and help yourself (& take a nametag if you didn't already make one). I haven't made any pre arranged swaps so it'll all be up for grabs. Looking forward to some fun garden chats & BROWNIES!
:) Leslie

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