boulderbelt(5/6)April 3, 2011

I see from the very scary forecast maps that the NE US is being covered in radioactive isotopes from Fukushima and that means (though I know I don't want to think about this) our soils, water and crops (as well as us) are getting irradiated and are becoming radioactive.

I suppose the gummints will start raising the "safe" levels of radiation exposure (actually the US gov't already did on Friday) so we all don't panic but we farmers are facing a deadly serious problem-how do we grow in radioactive soils. how do we protect our soils and crops from contamination?

We have already been shown that high tunnels, green houses and row covers are useless against this radiation as Japan is light years ahead of us in the US when it comes to season extension and plant protection using such things and the crops grown in the Fukushima prefecture are all contaminated.

The good news is we are all in this together

The bad news is we are all in this together

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I would not worry to much about our radiation levels.here are 2 links.


Here is a link that might be useful: radiation levels

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Unfortunately there are alot of things that we can't do anything about, just pray for the best.


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