maple leaves looked burned after planting

momonmoveMay 17, 2007

We planted a red maple tree just as the new leaves were starting to grow. they were green small leaves when we bought it. A couple of days later I noticed the leaves looked burnt like they were set on fire. I have tried to find an explanation. they only thing I can come up with is maybe it was wind burned during transportation?? Has anyone ever heard of this before or maybe another explanation. If it is wind burn what can I do to help it?

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bboy(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Balled in burlap? Check soil moisture, including well inside the original soil ball. Lots of balled in burlap stock gets dried out between digging and planting.

Burned by transport in an open truck is certainly a plausible scenario, too, especially if there was a landscape contractor or other non-nursery-affiliated participant in the chain of supply. Leaves so affected will be tattered looking, as though tossed and torn in the wind - which they were.

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

Could also be sun damage...if the tree had been under shade cloth at the nursery ...then if you put it in the sun it will fry them even if it ain't hot out...a bright sun after shade cloth will crisp 'em pronto been there done that..David

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amy_pnw(8 Oregon)

Hmmm, just sited and planted my 9 ft Ukigumo JM this spring, same problem. Mine has been potted for 7 years or more and has done fabulously in the pot. I moved to a new place and I sited it for morning sun. It has a little more midday sun than it did at the old place but that is it. No wind burn enroute. I am beginning to think perhaps it has too little drainage here. The soil is heavy clay.


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I have managed to burn almost every leaf of my maple thru a bit of sun shock. there is one small bit of pretty light green growth up top, and the tree has given me two seed pods up top. is it fini for this lovely two-year old treeling? any advice? it's now indoors next to other maples that seem to be doing fine.

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