I need help persuading??

love2weed(Zn6)April 21, 2009

I do not grow produce to sell, but I do grow my own produce to use in my baked goods. Mostly cupcakes and cookies. My plan was to sell at a local farmer's market this summer.

Getting legal is taking me so much longer than I had expected. So in the meantime, the Farmer's Market that I am trying to get set up in is filling up with vendors who sell baked goods.

Here is the reply that the lady in charge sent me today.

"Our market has been joined by Great Harvest and we have at least 2 additional people (farmers) selling baked goods, so I will need to assess the demand for baked goods when I go to the market on Saturday to see if we can support another baker -- we can't get too lopsided and we need to be careful that we stay a farmers market with a preponderance of farmers and farm products."

Great Harvest is a franchise andt heir products are available at about 15 different grocery stores in our area. I would think that a Farmer's Market would much rather have the small home business, instead of a business that already has a large customer base. You could just go around the corner anyday of the week to get their baked goods. I just can't seem to find the right words to help persuade her in my direction. Help! I really want to sell my cupcakes at this market. It's in a very upscale section of our town and I know there would be a niche for my "gourmet" cupcakes.

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I would stress that you are using "locally grown" products in your goods, and if there is anything you do not produce yourself that is available locally, like honey, promise to buy from other farmers at the market. offer to fill in spots on an irregular basis when other vendors are gone just to get your foot in the door. Good Luck

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We have a Great Harvest at our market, also. They show up when sales are up, and disappear when sales are down. Customers show up expecting them to be there and since they're not, the customer leave and don't come back. Great Harvest has been coming to our market since 2000, and have done the same thing each year. You might mention this. I'm from the Lafayette Downtown Farmer's Market, Lafayette, IN.

While Great Harvest does bring customers in WHEN they are there, they also discourage customers if the customers know that they will not be there.

Good luck competeing. They are adding all kinds of bakery things this year.

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