Keeping weeds out of carrots

jbjbuild(z5/6 IN)April 7, 2010

Like the post on keeping weeds out of onions, I have the same problem with carrots. Does anyone have any tricks for successfully germinating carrots without weeds taking over. I have heard about using burlap or some other material to cover the bed until the carrots germinate, has anyone done this?

Thanks, Jeff

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wackybell(z5 WI)

The only advice I've gotten is to plant into a bed that is weed free already. or the weeds are "in control".

Otherwise I wheel hoe as early as possible and keep wheel hoeing and hand weed in the rows.

I've heard good things about tine weeding with a tractor.

On germinating carrots I always look for weather patterns when its going to rain for 2-3 days in a row. And plant before it rains. Usually a fast storm front will crust the soil and make it hard to germ. When its not going to rain for a while, I plant carrots and place the drip tape dirctly ontop of the rows

hope this helps

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I've heard that you could cover the row of planted carrot seeds with boards and then check then frequently after about 14 days, as soon as you see sprouts, take the boards off. I've also heard about 'burning' off the planted carrot row at the 14 day mark to kill all weeds coming up at that time. They recommended a propane flamer. My ground doesn't seem to grow carrots, so I haven't tried either of these methods.

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jbjbuild(z5/6 IN)

Thanks for the replies. I have rototilled the bed that the carrots will be planted in a week ago and I'm going to let the weed seeds germinate and then do a light tilling to kill those. I like the idea of putting the drip tape dirctly on the rows, i think I'll try that.

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I do the board thing, and it works quite well. It often takes carrots a good three weeks to germinate. If I don't do boards, I mix radish seeds in with the carrots. The radishes mark the rows and thins the carrots nicely when you harvest them.


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You can use Roundup pre-emergent and Sencor over the top when they have 5 or 6 true leaves. You can also use Roundup in the pathways with a shield.


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