What kind of maple is this from the NC mtns?

hoe_hoe_hoe(6b)May 10, 2007

It is variegated, as you can see, but its a mutant from seed, not something somebody planted.


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It looks like acer rubrum (red maple) to me. The leaf shape is highly variable for the species and this shape somewhat resembles that of acer saccharum (sugar maple) as well. However, the serrulated edges on the leaves are common in red maples, but much different in sugar maples. It would also be unlikely to find sugar maples growing wild in NC...unless of course it is near one that has been planted and is large enough to seed.

There is also the possibility that it is acer x freemani (cross between red and silver), but it would be necessary to check the backs of the leaves to be sure. If there is a signficant silver hue to the back, it could be a freeman hybrid.

However, my inclination is that it is indeed a red maple. Regardless, it is unusual to see a variegated maple period. If it grows to be quite beautiful, perhaps you should consider propagating it.

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Looks like red maple, Acer rubrum, to me. Sugar maples do grow wild in NC, particularly in the higher elevations of the mountains. A subspecies, A.s. floridanum, Southern Sugar Maple, is quite common in the Raleigh area -- I've got a very large one in my backyard and it definitely wasn't planted. Sugar maples have more squarish lobes that aren't serrated along the edges like red maples.

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