Garden tractor plowing

cowpie51April 16, 2011

A Garden tractor is a great tool for a small Market Garden (1-3 acres)Plow,disk and cultivate with ease. I use a Large rear tine tiller for final seeding prep.


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Do you also dig your potatoes with it? Since it's a 1 bottom, you can. For new potatoes, just mow them off, and then run the 1 bottom down the rows. Of course, there shouldn't be other things in the same row, and hopefully you can plow in the same 'straight' line as planted. I keep hoping do be able to.

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Planting in a strait line - where's the creativity in that??

I grew up in the heart of corn and soybean territory where some fields may be a section long. Those old school farmers could plant gunshot straight rows with out the bennifit of GPS and from the open seat of their old tractors. I can remember being in the local breakfast hangout and hearing several giving one old boy all heck (in good nature of course) because there was a swoop in one of his fields. These are the same guys that would stop their truck in the middle of the road and run out into a bean field to pull up an offensive weed in the end rows so they had the cleanest field in the county.

One of our plots up at Dad's is in the back of one of these old school farmers houses who passed a few years back. I was planting sweetcorn there two years ago and was very careful to keep the rows as strait as I could just in case Ole Charlie was looking down.

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I remember my dad having to plow and plant, since he could do it straighter. My grandfather had to give it up since his eyes wasn't as good as Daddy's. None of my rows are straight, even with a line to guide me.


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Agronomy 101 you get more row when planted with curves

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My elders insisted on perfection. Dad couldn't drive a straight line but made up for it using a gizmo that made a small furrow in the soil where the middle of the tractor was to go. But if the land was perfectly flat, when grandpa was driving and dad and I were putting plants in the transplanter, one could have shot a rifle down a row and taken the heart out of each plant!


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Personally I think since most large farmers have given up the cultivators, being able to drive straight lines are fading away. Of course, when you plant 14-16 rows, they're all equal spaced.

I remember walking the fields with my grandpa, pulling corn out of the beans. Little sister came away, but the corn was stronger than she was.

Mark, when I first started out, your setup is what I wanted. I soon outgrew it. Maybe when and if, I cut back, I'll want it again.


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heavyoilguy(Z2 ALBERTA)

how many horsepower is your tractor ?

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