Do you like Lilies?

Mainiac(5b Maine)October 2, 2004

I LOVE lilies but growing them in Maine has become quite a challange. Rain, rain, and more rain. Dreadfully cold winters, red lily beetle, fog and drizzle. All are lily enemeies! But I did manage to have a few good blooms. Please visit my lily garden (best viewed as a slide show..)

Here is a link that might be useful: Mainiac's Lilies

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veilchen(5b southern Maine)

Beautiful pics!

I love them. Had shovel-pruned all my lilies a few years ago because I was tired of fighting the lily beetle. In my client's garden, she had a few she refused to part with despite infestation, so I bought the Bayer Rose & Flower spray. That took care of them well, so I decided to try them again in my own garden. Got some Asiatic bulbs from Scheepers last year and they were very nice. Sprayed several times to keep the beetle at bay. I hate spraying. Am thinking of building a "lily bed" where I can keep them contained, instead of here and there throughout my perennial gardens. Might make it easier to take care of re: spraying. They do tend to get overshadowed once all the daylilies start blooming.

They are too nice a plant to give up on just because of those pesky beetles! Mainiac, what do you do to control them?

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Hello Mainiac,your lilies are truly outstanding.Thank you for sharing your beautiful showcase.Regards Josie _2

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Wow, nice pics Mainiac...congrats on such a success!
And yes, I love lilies all of them!! Every year I add more and more,too.

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chicken_lady(z3/4 Maine)

Beautiful Mainiac! Where do you buy your bulbs?


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Mainiac(5b Maine)

I get my bulbs from a variety of sources. There are several US sources like B & D Lilies, and The Lily Garden. Also several in Canada. Then I belong to a couple of the Regional Lily Societies who have bulb sales, and a lot of friends who have sent me bulbs. I have even ordered from New Zealand. If you want links to some of these places, let me know. It a little late this year as most lilies have already been shipped.

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Mainiac(5b Maine)

The North Star Lily Society still has bulbs for sale (this week only). They will ship (for this week only). They are a non-profit group.

Here is a link that might be useful: North Star Lily Society Bulb Sale

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thank you for the link, I am thinking about joining, however, I am excited to see the list of bulbs available.

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I love them i put in 20-30 bulbs .anyone want to trade let me know robin

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I love Lillium but what are red beetle bugs? My problem was Japanese beetles until we Milky Spored. They were even killing our baby apple trees. The moles got my lillium so we fought back. Milky Spore killed the grubs, baby Japanese beetles which brought the moles for they eat them. For desert they liked my lillium. We resorted to buying Bulb cages and put all important lillium with tulips, daffys, crocus like container planting in layers and no more trouble.

I grow Starfighter, Stargazer, Paramont, Gentle Giant, Cancun, Visaversa, Latvia, Star Class, Silk Road, Spinx, Regal, Golden Splendor, Nippon, Bergamo, Lollipop, Casa Rosa, Aubade, Shocking Lily, Boogie Woogie, Pink Perfection to name the ones I have tried since my mole problem.

We goofed the first year not digging quite deep enough so they frost heaved up in our raised beds. We planted them much deeper. My mother gave my husband and I a dump truck load of manure for our 15th wedding anniversary and we loved it for it filled our new raised beds and made lovely flowers.

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