Anyone want to trade for these 1yr old conifer grafts?

adriantwpmi(Z5b MI)May 8, 2008

Picea abies ÂFrohburg (I have 2 available)

Abies x vilmorini (I have 1 available)

Abies alba ÂVariegata (I have 1 available)

Pinus nigra ÂAurea (I have 1 available)

I have some extra 1yr old grafts and would like to trade for something I don't have that will survive zone 5b. I can send pics of the grafts. Please contact directly if interested. Please send pics of what you have to trade.



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adriantwpmi(Z5b MI)

Here is my updated trading list:

Abies alba ÂVariegataÂ
Abies concolor ÂCandicansÂ
Abies concolor ÂWintergoldÂ
Abies koreana ÂNanaimoÂ
Abies procera ÂGlaucaÂ
Abies veitchi ÂGlaucaÂ
Picea abies ÂAurea MagnificaÂ
Picea abies ÂFrohburgÂ
Picea abies ÂVermont GoldÂ
Picea englemannii ÂHoodieÂ
Picea likiangensis var. Balfouriana Mittenwald
Picea mariana ÂArgenteovariegataÂ
Picea obovata ÂGlaucaÂ
Picea omorika ÂPendula BrunsÂ
Picea orientalis ÂEarly GoldÂ
Picea orientalis ÂGolden StartÂ
Picea pungens ÂHoopsiÂ
Pinus leucodermis ÂGold TipÂ
Pinus contorta ÂTaylorÂs SunburstÂ
Pinus koreansis ÂRowe ArboretumÂ
Pinus nigra ÂWalterÂ
Pinus parviflora ÂTenysu-KazuÂ
Pinus parviflora ÂWatnongÂ
Pinus strobus ÂFastigiataÂ
Pinus strobus ÂGolden CandlesÂ
Pinus thunbergiana ÂOgonÂ
Pinus leucodermis ÂAureospicataÂ
Pseudotsuga menziesii ÂHillside YellowÂ

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Jarpe(z4-z5 Finland)

Iôm from Finland, Skandinavia and I have had grafting as a hobby for few years now. Golden conifers mainly. I might have some forms of finnish picea abies aurea and pinus sylvestris aurea that might interest you. With forestry as profession i have been lucky enought to even find some new origins nonexisting at market. My email:

Here is a link that might be useful: Coniferlisting from my homepage

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