Care of Fall Seedlings

SilverQueen(Z-5 Maine)October 15, 2004

I have some lupine and hollyhock seedlings that I planted mid-summer in those tiny seedling pots. They are still sitting outside in their containers. Naturally, we've already had quite a bit of frost. They look like they're still alive, although not growing. Will they survive the winter if I leave them as they are, or should I bring them inside? Is it too late to plant them in the ground?

Silver Queen

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veilchen(5b southern Maine)

It's getting late, but I think planting them now in the ground will be their best chance. HH and lupine are pretty tough and should make it.

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elaine_maine(5 ME)

I agree. If you bring them in you'll make sissies out of them. Mother Nature leaves them out all winter.

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SilverQueen(Z-5 Maine)

Thanks for the advice.

Silver Queen

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