Help with ID'ing this tree

Littlejoe919(7)May 28, 2014

Was sold to me thru EBay as a Red Dragon Maple. I think not.
I really like it. It's grafted and the leafs have red edges with green veins.

Thank you for your help ;-)

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Here's a better picture of the leafs.

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You may be right. Red Dragon has a reputation for holding its color in both sun or shade better that just about any other red lace leaf maple.

But....this is a perfectly reasonable little tree with good form and the beginnings of a nice growth habit. With some time and sunlight exposure the foliage should intensify in color. Unfortunately, unless purchasing online from a known and reputable (not necessarily Ebay) maple vendor, you are at serious risk for mislabeling or even outright plant fraud. Even experts have difficulty differentiating between many of the JM cultivars as differences can be extremely subtle. Yours could be any of a dozen different red leafed dissectums.

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Thanks Gardengal,
If you look in the bottom right hand corner of the first picture, there is a Red Dragon maple. The one I'm asking about isn't even close. Again, I am happy with the tree and have a nice sunny spot picked out for it next spring. I am looking forward to watching it's development!

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orangeola comes to mind...

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