Green Orangeola ?

dscottoMay 23, 2014

Hi Everyone! This is my first post and my first real year gardening :) I planted an Orangeola in my front yard in Toronto, Ontario last fall. I put mulch and burlap before our crazy, snowy winter and the tree has gown back this spring really GREEN. I don't know why! Any ideas why or what to do. Here's a pic. Towards the back, it's even greener... Lack of sun, poor roots? Help please! Thanks!

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Orangeola is not by anyone's estimate a very red dissectum. At best it will have a reddish cast on mostly green foliage with the newest growth have the most intense red coloring. How much sun does it get? More sun will develop redder coloring. But it's never going to look like Tamukeyama or Inabu Shidare.

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It's facing East so it gets morning light. I'm concerted because from what I've read, it should be already be a nice burgundy colour. Every other every one that I've seen in and around the city confirms this. With my hands, I did a quick, light sweep of the bit of mulch that surrounds and I could see the roots. Was it not planted deeply enough? Should I dig deeper to re-plant it? Can I do this now or wait till fall? TIA.

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mikebotann(8a SE of Seattle)

I would plant it further from the house. It's going to get much wider.

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I think you may have been misled about the coloring of this tree - it is not going to be a dark burgundy. The new growth on spring is a bright orangey-red but that matures to a greenish red (and more green than red, IMO) that holds through the summer before turning back to an orange-red in fall. You may also get a midsummer flush of new orange growth but that too will mature into a green-red leaf.

Here's how one grower describes it: "Next as spring turns into summer the older leaves start to slowly turn green, this process happens over a number of weeks during which the leaves appear molted with infused colors of green and purple washed across each leaf. About the time the entire plant becomes green in mid to late summer 'Orangeola' decides it is time to grow again, putting out red new growth that lays over the older foliage. Then in fall it really puts on a show with traffic stopping bright orange-red leaves."

And check the bottom middle photo in the attached link - this is 'Orangeola' in its midseason color. Pretty darn green!

It does not need to be planted deeper. It is far better to have the rootball high - even above grade - than it is to be planted too deeply.

Here is a link that might be useful: Orangeola pics

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