Selling heirloom tomatoes

luckynes13(6a)April 5, 2010

I have been reading info from this group for a couple of months, since I joined gardenweb. You all have given me some ideas. My house was once a country store and we are on a busy highway on the edge of town.

So you all have been giving ideas. I love growing things, and I have started up a coouple hundred give or take a few heirloom tomatoes. I would like to sell some of the plants right out.

Tomato planting doesn't start here until mid-May, so I have some time to plan.

Have any of you ever advertised produce on Kijiji or Caiglist?

If so how did this work for you.

The first weekend of May our area has a big yard sale. I was thinking having a table set up in my front yard might a least start to get the word out.

I think I could easily run a stand from my front porch, it is close to the road.

I have also been expanding my garden in the back, I only have half an acre, but you can grow alot of vegies back there, if the weather is on your side.

What do you all think?


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I have put my tomato plants on Craigslist with no responses.

If you plan on making your 'stand' a regular business, you need to check with the zoning in your area. Even if your home was formerly a business, it may not be zoned for business now. Things do change. Better safe than sorry.

As far as yard sale, go for it. We plant out mid May also, but I sold some tomato and pepper plants last Saturday. I just had to educate people on how to take care of the plants until planting time.


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Maybe I will start with Cheapcycle on yahoo first. I will definately do the yard sale and maybe go with the open market downtown, when it opens.

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Only offer the best of your plants, you can work with the less perfect in your own garden. Most people don't have a really green thumb if they buy plants, alot of people either don't want to or can't start the plants from seed. Perhaps, it's the time thing.

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Or perhaps they are like me. we had an awesome storm that flooded our basement a few inches. I have my light growing system down there =(. The greenhouse sets over the door of my basement so I can walk in and out to the back yard without problems.
well just before the storm I moved a large number of my plants from the lights into the greenhouse area. I left town for three days to work. What did hubby do?
well hubby being the wonderful guy he is wanted to dry the basement out because of my allergies. sooo.... he put fans in the basement and opened my greenhouse doors to allow for air flow..... alas I lost many of my plants to frost the nights were just to cold.
Anyhow I have been hunting greenhouses trying to replace the plants with similar ones. I guarantee if I read in the paper someone was selling heirloom plants I would be calling before the sale!
This will be the first year in several that we do not have my favorite yellow and stripey tomatoes =(

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Well I have listed my tomayoes in kijiji and cheapcycle. Have had more responses for the gojiberry plants I posted, but it is still early here so I am not worried. If not I'll just have alot of tomato plants and there is already a shortage for tomatoes here.

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