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Anne_Marie_Alb(5)November 11, 2008

Does anyone know what's happening with them? My last issue is "Early summer" (#68). Shouldn't there be Summer & Early Fall out by now? I have tried to e-mail them and call them, but no answer. I just hope they are still alive.. Their website does not seem to be updated either.

Enjoy the magazine very much, and I miss it.


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flowersnhens(Maine 4)

I saw Paul Tukey on the morning news (Channel 6). They were at the Portland FLower Exchange,,,or maybe the New England Flower exchange.

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There was an issue after that called "Fall Fireworks". They also have expanded their focus with a new company called "Safe Lawns" which maintains lawns without chemicals or pesticides. The website seems to work fine, I just tested it.
I think they are not producing frequent magazines but when they do come out, they are worth the effort. I also like the discount I get as a subscriber.

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rachel597(5A ME)

Tom Attwell (Portland Press Herald) has posted this on his "The Constant Gardener" blog dated March 12:

"I did attend a lecture by Paul Tukey, publisher of People Places & Plants magazines and founder of SafeLawns, a non-profit group stressing organic lawn care.

Paul's talk mostly was about organic lawn care, but he did have some news about the magazine.

'Contrary to what you might have heard, we are still alive.' Tukey said.

The magazine, like many publications, is suffering substantial losses in advertising revenue and will be producing only three issues a year. I'm a subscriber and have not received an issue since fall, but I intend to drop by the magazine's booth to find out when the next issue is coming out."

And this also on March 12:

"In my previous postings I said I would find out when the next issue of People Places & Plants magazine was coming out. Publisher Paul Tukey said in his lecture that they are cutting back to three issues a year. The person staffing the booth said it will come out in April."

Here is a link that might be useful: The Constant Gardener

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Thanks everyone for your replies.. Our forum seems to wake up from the long winter!!! That's great!
Yes, not long after I posted, I received the Fall issue (#69).. quite disappointing as half the magazine was on garden events.. that were ALL past (summer events). I also read there that they were going to cut down on the number of issues, but it was vague..

I also recently sent them an e-mail through their site, and they responded !! The next issue apparently should come out very soon.

I really like the magazine in spite of the number of advertising, and I really miss not having as many issues, especially as winter is when I catch up with my garden reading!! This has been a long winter!!! I hope that they can get back into the regular schedule!


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veilchen(5b southern Maine)

I talked to Paul Tukey at the Flower Show and he said the same above, and that the next issue would be in April. Really miss the magazine.

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sedum37(Z5 MA)

Has anyone gotten the April issue yet? Does anyone know how the subscription process will work? If you thought you were going to get 6 issues a year for a certain price and now only getting 3 issues do we get an extra year? I too was disappointed that by the time I got the last magazine most of the events were done with and this is why I get the magazine to see the events...

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It's now mid-June, and I still have not received a new issue since last fall? Has there been one that I missed?

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I am sorry to say that I think this magazine is just about dead. I was a longtime subscriber and when issues began to be later and later and fewer and fewer, I emailed them sometime last year. I too got a promise of "soon".

I think the economy affected them but also Paul Tukey's loss of interest in the magazine. His thing for the last two years has been organic lawns, not the magazine.

It was very good while it lasted but the content became less and less, and there was a lot of recycled material. A lot of their good writers and columnists disappeared. It's a shame because PPP filled a real need here in New England. I do think they owe their subscribers an explanation (not to mention money).

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Received the Spring issue this past Tuesday (June 16).. yes, this was the issue announced for April. There is a little note (you've got to look for it) on p.12 (bottom part) saying they are going to 3 issues a year (from 6). I renewed my subscription (for 2 years) exactly at the time their problems started but not on 3-issue a year! It'll take me 4 years to get the issues I had expected..

As an old-time subscriber, I am sad to see the magazine "shrinking". Yes, more than half the gardening events advertised are gone-they cover May and June. Don't know when the next issue will be, but I assume it will be mid-summer at the earliest. So don't rely on the magazine for gardening events this summer...

What can be done to keep the magazine going? This is my favorite one.. I am also wondering about Paul Tukey being solely involved in organic lawns (a great cause.. but...)

Do enjoy this spring issue (I am),

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As this 2010.2011 NE winter has turned especially nasty, I got to cleaning out 2 overpiled storage drawers to find 4 of my favorite gardening subs., all going back 10 yrs. and one 16 yrs. Quite a few PPP & a bell went off. I knew they were in trouble when P. Tukey "& others" were asking for any kind of big or little financial support. Knowing most of us were all hit by the 2009 "great depression to be" I didn't at first realize PPP hadn't arrived for many months. (Have too many subs!) Wal, digging out all these mags., and finally cat. them, & so enjoying re-reading at random, all on a sunny bedroom quilt w/2 huggy cats, I finally grabbed the bunch of about a 5 yr. sub or so of PPP. HUGE/twice the size of the others I also enjoy, but w/so many "Green Ideas" even before Safe Garden articles, that always spark my interest. I'm thinking my sub. must have run out (can't believe that would happen ??) & decided to get online tonight to see if PPP still existed & re-subscribe. (Pay more doing yearly sub. as at my age, I could trip over a shovel handle w/trowel in hand, land in a tree, break my neck, etc. from summer to summer or other health issues that are (so far) quietly staying away. I'm sad that they are in demise or have already done so.

Corinne Lawson
Montpelier, VT.

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