Japanese maple was fine last week -- now what the heck is wrong?

jayco(5b NY)May 12, 2012

Went away for a week and today my Japanese maple looks BAD.

It's about 6 years old, around 8 feet tall, never anything but healthy and vigorous. Today was the first time I found it ailing. The other four around it (different cultivars) are all fine.

Any idea what the trouble is and what I should do? Thanks!

(PS I also posted on the Trees Forum -- sorry for the repeat.)

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It looks like alot of folks in zones 6 + 5 took on some freeze and frost damage. I wouldnt worry about it too much, especially with a 6yr. root system under its belt.

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jayco(5b NY)

Thank you -- I got the same response in the Trees Forum and I am reassured. We certainly have had some weird weather this spring. Now that I know it's not diseased, I can rest easy!

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