Summer forecast

2ajsmamaApril 24, 2013 has the summer forecast - looks like Minnie may have time for her spring crops after all since summer looks like it will be colder than average around the Great Lakes. Cooler here in New England for May, so I might just start my peas, broccoli and spinach after all (I've got kale and the little bit of broccoli and spinach I started in the house outside hardening off now).

But tomatoes and peppers look like it might be June (again - 3rd year in a row!) before I can put them out, the summer (June-Aug) is supposed to be warmer(and hopefully not as dry) as last year. So I don't know what's going to happen with my late-season tomatoes and peppers - all depends on what Sept is like...

Of course the Farming forecast hasn't been updated in months!

Here is a link that might be useful: Summer forecast

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

Thanks for posting the link. Looks like I am actually in the orange warmer section unfortunately.

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Well, maybe May will be cooler as they said (not shown on map, you have to watch the beginning of the video). I haven't planted my peas yet, after yesterday's high of 74 (might have been a couple degrees cooler here than in town) I am going to measure soil temp and decide if I have time for peas (or at least pea shoots), or if I should go straight to beans. With market starting mid-late June, I really wasn't thinking I'd have peas (anymore) by then, maybe not even lettuce (last year it was all bolting by end of June) but this year who knows?

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