downeastwavesNovember 9, 2007

Got this from a friend today, anyone have an answer:

Hi Leasa,

Do you know of anyone in Washington County who is growing american hazelnuts/filberts? I've got two 18" plants that will grow to be shrubs. Got them at FedCo. I'm thinking about getting some more because I love the idea of having my own little nut garden, but I'm surprised at the lack of on-line info about growing these in Maine. It may be that there's a really good reason why, which might cause me to spend my plant money elsewhere. Any thoughts from your master gardener connection?

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Off thread, but Leasa, how is the house coming? I followed your posts in the spring when you so willingly met that great challenge and enjoyed the 'before' pix you posted.

I'm down in Biddeford.


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Jonesboro here. Don't know much about the hazelnuts but there is a bunch of japanese chestnuts growing in Lubec and I hear they are large trees. There is a Mr. Nielson in Whiting that knows a lot about nut trees and has some just starting to bear. I have a bunch of black walnuts from upstate NY that are doing well. Let us know how you make out. He also has other interesting fruit. He is on the north side of rt. one.

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I have wild hazelnuts growing. They do produce nuts, but the critters beat me to the nuts every year. It's pretty amusing to see the squirrels trying to balance out on those whippy little branches. The wild plants are shrubs, probably topping out at around 6 or 7 feet. Sorry I don't know any sources.

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