Pruning Amur(Acer) Maple

juddhMay 14, 2006

I have a Amur Maple that is 4-5 years old and has been in my yard 2 years.

It has 12 shoots(trunks) and I want fewer, say 2 or 3.

How and when do I prune.

The tree is very healthy.


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myersphcf(z6a IL)

Amurs are really hardy and you can trim them anytime ..I know most say wait til late summer or fall to keep the sap in check but I have trimmed these year round with no problems ...and I mean i have severely trimed them!!!! they grow like weed really fast and outgrow just about any place you put them... I set a big brush fire too close to one and lost a bunch of brancheds last spring .... it came back and by fall was three times it's "burnt" size I love 'em BTW but if left single trunk they can get 20 ft tall in probably 5 years around here ...SO have "at it" is my opinion I really don't think you could harm it if you tried!!! BTW don't do this with JM's!!!!! David

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