Happy Thanksgiving!

chicken_lady(z3/4 Maine)November 24, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy your time spent with family and friends...AND...don't eat to much! :-)


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Happy Thanksgiving to you too Cathy. And everyone else. My sister's hosting Thanksgiving this year so I have an easy year. I'll roast a turkey here in the next day or two so that we have our favorite things - leftovers!

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veilchen(5b southern Maine)

Happy thanksgiving to you!

It's nearly 60 degrees out already. What a nice fall we're having.

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mainesfwriter(z5 ME)

Cool graphic, Dollmaker!

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I just turned my leftovers into a huge turkey pie. Now I need more company to help me eat it, LOL.

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Happy turkey day Cathy and everyone!

cute graphic.
mainesfwriter....I have a 30 lb turkey in the oven at 2:30 am because it was thawed and has to be cooked...there were 2 other turkeys today at a large family gathering so because I cant freeze it...I am cooking it all night and will go to bed with one eye open. DH gets up at 4:00, so hoping he will watch it and let me nap a bit.LOL

What am I going to do with all that meat? eat and share and eat some more.lol

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Very cute graphic, Dollmaker! Wished your bird carried a sign saying "eat vegetables" instead of 'beef', though!!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. It reached 62F here (Albany area) before temperatures dropped late afternoon, after a short thunderstorm.

Vegetarian Anne-Marie

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Annie Marie, how long have you been a vegetarian? Iam a recovering vegetarian myself. lol, However, I am thinking that I want to go vegetarian and organic once I turn 50...which is only 3 years away. By then I think I will be able to convert (educate) the family to join me, At this time we only eat poultry that is organicly grown and free ranging. I also have 9 chickens that are kind to me with lots of eggs. ( I like to cook cookies for my little boys).

Anywz. I admire any one who can stick to the strick diet of being a vegetarian in todays fast food world.

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Susan.. just read your post. Sorry about the late reply. I have been a vegetarian for the last 5 years (6..without meat, but with fish). For me, it is not a health issue, but a question of respect of animal life. There are certain things I just LOVE(d) [any seafood, hamburgers.. barbecue ribs..) and it was very hard at first, but I have not gone back to it. My husband joined me, and that has made it easier. We are both in our early fifties, so you can imagine how hard it was at first! It is worth it, though, and I am very happy we made the change. We eat a lot more veggies, now, and my cooking has changed a lot--and I'm using more herbs, too.

You will know if (when) the time is right for you and your family. Much easier if your family can join you!

Happy holidays,

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yes, It would be easier if and when the family entirely joins in.

What I remember best is the lack of worry on my counters and kitchen area to clean up all the meat that had been exposed to surface contact and around in the cooking process. The kitchen felt cleaner when I did not have meat to cook. ( I especially hate using my wash cloths to clean up the residue of meat in food prep, I sense a need to just throw it away instead of retuen it to the sink like DH does)

The time is soon ( to go vegetarian (again))....perhaps as soon as I can start finding and preparing better meals without the use of meats and still win approval from the fam.

Hope your winter is going well for you and yours as well as everyone here at gardenweb.


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