Last thing to Harvest for 2004

gardengardengardengaNovember 10, 2004

I harvested my horseradish yesterday. the roots were planted last Spring late, perhaps early Summer.

While the roots were quite long...3 feet in length average, The new roots were ever so thin. The orginial root piece was a mere 5 inches and about a 1.5" caliber.

The beginning of the root mass had several nice thick white fleshy tubular roots much like in size of the original cutting.

Having never grown horse-radish prior to this past season, I have never wintered it or grown it before. Any suggestions for keeping it until next year to replant or should I have left in out in the soils for a zone 4-5 winter. Last year we had little snow, so the freeze thaw was extreme. This is not typical nor atypical for us.

I suppose I could just do a google search on that subject.

How ever!!!and none the less!!! I have in Maine out of the ground horseradish on Novemeber 9, 2004!!! And the ground was not frozen at that time of the day.

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Cindy_T(z4-5 ME)

Sue, my experience with horseradish has been that you can't kill it with a stick. You may have actually left pieces in the ground that will resprout; if you want to be sure you have it next year, just go stick a piece back in the ground and get out of the way! :-) We have very sandy ground here and the horseradish I planted went absolutely nuts. (I don't even like the stuff - just planted it because DH likes it!) I was a couple of years getting rid of it, so I don't think you'll have too much trouble wintering it.

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thankyou Cindy- I will try putting a larger piece back and see what are right , there were a lot of snapping andpulling of the roots and I know some thin roots are all over there.

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veilchen(5b southern Maine)

I still have lettuce and carrots outside. In the unheated greenhouse, more lettuce, spinach, and bok choy. Also a potted rosemary.

I need to mulch my carrot bed with shredded leaves soon so we can keep them in the ground through the winter.

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chicken_lady(z3/4 Maine)

Just dug the carrots the other day. OH planted his garlic earlier in the week. This year's harvest was quite poor compared to previous years...awfully small heads, I think it was the cooler than normal temps we had all summer. I usually pick him up new varieties when I go to the Common Ground Fair, but there wasn't garlic to be found anywhere, so I'm assuming it was a bad year for everyone?
Still harvesting brussel sprouts...yummy!


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veilchen(5b southern Maine)

Cathy, I think it was the deep cold of last winter with no snow cover that was detrimental to garlic. Mine did ok, some heads quite small but others average. But several cloves never came up--these were on the edges of the raised beds I planted them in. They probably froze--I also had several tulips and daffodils that didn't come up.

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My garlic too was small this year. I blame the weather as last years were great!

I found some lettuce today, still hanging in there. Cant imagine why as it has dipped into the teens now.

I still have parsley hanging on well, too.

I didnt use my cold frames as I am going into wreath making season and it is all I can do to keep up with that.

I am thinking about getting out of the wreath making except for a select group of clients as to better be able to extend my veggies as I am reading about.

In the book written by Elliot Coleman, The new organic grower, its just wonderful, he maps out when to grow what veggies in the extended season and through winter in coldframes.

I'll be reading and studying this book more and perhaps try to drop in and see this place in Maine of Elliot and Barabara's. Has anyone else ever had the opportunity to visit there?

Cheers- GardenX4

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