harvesting potatoes

pitterpat_2009April 8, 2010

I am planting 3 times as many potatoes as I have in the past anyone have any good tips on harvesting other then a potatoe fork, we know what that is all about! We have a 3 pt tractor with a sod buster is there a blade of sorts one could congure up to pop the taters out of the ground with out a lot of waste, anyone try something like this?

We do mostly fingerlings and some reds.


Pitter Patter,

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You just need a middle buster. Lots of vids on you tube of guys digging taters with a middle buster. They are real cheap too, 100-200 bucks.

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Tip I was given a few years ago. If digging new potatoes with middle busters, mow the potato plants off before trying to dig them. It makes it much easier.

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Just be prepared for a lot more damage over hand harvesting.

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