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Mandyvilla(7a No.VA)January 29, 2005

Usually I lurk here in the winter and get some awesome ideas. Don't know what made me check out W/S, but wound up spending an entire weekend over there. Must say I am hooked. If you are looking for a dreary weather project and need some easy trades for the swap, I recommend you check out the FAQs over there. Suz

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I second your suggestion, Suz. I found the WS forum last winter and loved what I was reading. I didn't start until kinda late and had great success. This year I've started earlier but plan to cut back on the amount I sow. I couldn't even give away all that I grew last year. They made a great addition to the compost pile but it still seemed like a waste. This year I'm concentrating more on perennials and shrubs. It's lots of fun and very rewarding!

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Yep, I'm winter sowing, too...for the first time this year. Approx. half annuals, half perennials. At one point I had let my wishlist hit about the three dozen container mark, but realized that I'd be kicking myself come spring if everything actually flourished. So I've pushed the number down to about two dozen......Can hardly wait to see what works, what doesn't!

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Goldylocks(z7 MDsuburbDC)

I am trying winter sowing for the first time this year. I am a fairly novice gardening so I am glad to hear that this has worked for other people in this area. I am excited to hear about the swap. That would be fun, especially if I do get lots of seedlings.

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julia3(z7a MD)

Goldylocks: I'm going to try winter-sowing for the first time this year also. For those of you who have had sucess before, which flower seeds were easiest? I'm thinking about doing snapdragons, violas, columbine, among others.

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