Growing for a Nursery! Have some questions....

stephaniesgarden(8)April 23, 2009

just got the chance of my dreams. A huge landscaping and nursery company just asked me to start growing vegetables and bedding flowers for them.

Well thats all fine. I have a small greenhouse 12x16 and for another $100 I can easily build another one. Meanwhile, I know it will take a month or two to get all theses seeds in and ready. Mean while how can I go about labeling them. I have my business that I am trying to start...its called "Stephanies Garden" Nursery and Landscaping.

Any cost effective way to lavel thousands of plants with out spending a fortune and how could I encorparate my business name on the plants?

ANY other suggestions for growers selling to nursery would be greatly appreciated!

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I make labels from my computer using Microsoft Word, using label/envelope tab. I print them on regular mailing labels. My problem with them is they do not hold up to water, nor do they "stick" on the pots well. Cheap printing at least, if someone can tell you, and me, how to overcome the water/sticking problems.

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We have been looking at several options over the last year or two for plant stakes. We used to mark all the stakes by hand but that rapidly became just too much. As an interum measure last year we went to a moveable type stamp from Trodant called a Typomatic. The only problem with it was finding ink that was both waterproof and would bond to the plastic stakes. It allowed text only in one color but did an exceptable job. Over the winter we looked at several new options that would give us more flexability (I would love to get one of those TPX thermal printers but they cost an arm and a leg). We found two options that looked good - laser printable plastic stakes and waterproof vinyl labels. The printable stakes (from looked pretty good but require a laser printer which we currently did not have. Instead we opted to get the waterproof vinyl labels from that were ink jet compatable (they also carry laser labels) #OL25WJ. These are 1 3/4" long and 1/2" high so they fit well on the plastic stakes. We have had them on the plants in the greenhouse now for a little over a month and they seem to be holding up well - the tech guy I talked to there said they should hold up for two years in wet conditions so time will tell. I am using Avery Labelpro software that came with an old printer but they have templates for Word and other programs available free on the site. There are 80 labels per page and cost us $60 for 100 sheets (8000 labels works out to about 3/4 cents per label). The laser labels are slightly cheaper. I am using a HP 750 series printer and they feed and print just fine. The only problem we had at first was the ink wanted to smudge - we overcame this by changing the print settings to draft quality (the imulsion on the stakes soak up the ink and the higher setting were putting too much ink on for it. You still have to peel and stick but it's a whale of a lot easier than doing markes with a pen. Our first big plant sale of the season is a week from this Saturday so that will be the acid test. Hope this helps.


Here is a link that might be useful: vinyl labels

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francescod(6b/7a VA)

I use the gardenware labels printed on my laser printer for very small runs or if I run out of professionally printed labels. They are flimsy and difficult to reinsert in the plant if one is taken out of a well rooted pot. They are too flimsy to stick in the ground to mark the plant after transplanting. Those may not be issues you will be facing. You should check with the landscaper for what he/she is expecting. Simple, waterproof labels (I use printed on a home printer and stuck to a pot may be all that is needed in your case.

We have used Macore to custom print all our labels. They have a lot of stock stick labels in several sizes.
Their prices are very reasonable. Off the shelf, simple black and white text labels (5" x 5/8") are only $19.70 per thousand. They have low minimums per variety of 200 for most label sizes.
Custom tags have to be ordered 500 per variety and are only $27.94 per 1,000 (4.5" x 1"). I have my nursery name, address, phone, and general planting info on the back of all my custom tags with specific info in the front. You have to get the text copy to them very early in the season in order to receive them in time.
They also have stock, picture labels for the same $27.94 per 1000 (200 minimum per variety).
I have looked into printing my own using a thermal printer but there is very little cost advantage once you take into account all the supplies needed to print your own. Plus you have to maintain the equipment. Of course, you are able to print what you need when you need it. But if you can plan far enough ahead and know what you are going to grow, custom tags look professional and are the way to go.
-F. DeBaggio

Here is a link that might be useful: Macore

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After you print your sheet of labels, spray them with clear Acrylic that you can get from Walmart, Lowes, etc.
Works very well.

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I use the gardenware program and labels with a HP Laser Printer. Works great.
You need to check with the nurseries and see what the liability will be if you have crop failure for some reason.

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