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gardengrove_ac(z6 MD)January 29, 2006

Hey everyone,

I wrote a few months back on here that I had been giving workstudy at my school's greenhouse for the next two years...well over my winter break I got bored and decided to inventory the place...not a small feet seeing how when I began to work there nothing had any sort of labeling or organizational system...I have the entire thing on Excel with individual numbers, who owns them, and where they're from also, but I couldn't figure how to attach it...Anywho, if anyone on here sees anything that catches their eye and might want to make a trade when the weather warms up shoot me an e-mail.




1a. Aspenium nidus

1b. Aspenium nidus "Osaka"

2. Apenium rhizophyllum

3. Davallia fejeensis

4. Nephrolepis exaltata "Bostoniensis"

5. Platycerium bifurcatum

6.Pteris ensiformis 'evergemiensis'

7. Adiantum radianum

8. Pellaea rotundifolia

9. Dracaena dermensis

  1. Dracaena marginata

  2. Dracaena fragrans

  3. Dracaena godseffiana

  4. Chlorophytum comosum

  5. Plumeria rubra

  6. Dieffenbachia sp.

  7. Monstera deliciosa

  8. Synogonium podophyllum

18a. Epipremnum pinnatum

19b. Epipremnum pinnatum "Marble Queen"

  1. Philodendron selloum

  2. Spathiphyllum floribundum

  3. Brassaia actinophylla

  4. Hoya carnosa var. variegata

  5. Huernia schneiderana

  6. Asparagus densiflorus

  7. Begonia coccineae

  8. Begonia x erythrophylla

  9. Begonia semperflorens

  10. Ananas comosus

  11. Rhoeo spathacea

  12. Tradescantia sp.

  13. Cyperus alternifolius

  14. Lathyrus odoratus

  15. Phaseolus coccineus

  16. Pelargonium hortorum

  17. Calathea berle-marxii "Blue Ice"

  18. Ficus benjamina

  19. Ficus elastica

  20. Vanilla planifolia

  21. Oxalis regnellii 'Triangularis'

  22. Oxalis regnellii

  23. Burbidgea scheizocheila

  24. Ginko biloba

  25. Coleus blumei x hybridus

  26. Mentha spicata

  27. Mentha suaveolens

  28. Neptha catarica

  29. Ocimum sanctum

49a. Ocimum basilicum

49b. Ocimum basilicum "Dark Opal"

  1. Rosmarinus officinalis

  2. Salvia sclarea

  3. Allium schoenoprasum

  4. Aloe vera

  5. Alcea nigra

55a. Hibiscus moscheutos 'Blue River II'

55b. Hibiscus moscheutos 'Disco Bell'

  1. Cymbopogon citratus

  2. Ruta graveolens

  3. Pedicularis canadensis

  4. Schlumbergera bridgesii

  5. Schlumbergera truncata

  6. Schlumbergera gaertneri

  7. Epiphyllum oxypetallum

  8. Epiphyllum anguliger

  9. Crassula ovata

  10. Kalanchoe daigremontiana

  11. Euphorbia milii splendens

  12. Juniperus virginiana

  13. Rhododendron x

  14. Baptisia australis

  15. Aquilegia spp. x

  16. Datura inoxia 'Lilac Le Fleur'

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cfmuehling(7b DC/MD burbs)

As the world warms up, you might see more of me. :)


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