still have tulips to put in the ground

gardengardengardengaDecember 2, 2004

It is suppose to get to 18 degrees tonight! I was hoping to still get my tulips in the ground tomorrow. It is a bunch of tulips dug out of another location in another town and they are just sitting waiting to be planted. The grond isnot yet frozen that deep...just wish I would have done this when it was tshirt weather!


other than that my pansies are still hanging on and blooming!

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veilchen(5b southern Maine)

Yesterday I planted yet another two bags of tulips that my client had picked up.

It is supposed to be warm early to mid part of next week. Do it then. Today's snow and cold are not going to last.

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good advise...thanks

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I hope to plant my tulips tomorrow! It was snowing today, just flurries, no accumlation the high 30's, howevver good news...the ground is not frozen yet! ThNKA gIN FOR THE ADVISE

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I didnt make it to put the tulips in the ground....I got the flu! I was very dissapointed, because I missed that window of opportunity. As I look out to our next door neighbor, I see he has adjusted an ice house out on the pond in front of his beach. SIghh

I guess I'll save them for force blooms instead. I better get them ready in the refrigerator or freezer for now, ASAP.


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mainesfwriter(z5 ME)

YUCK, G4! Sorry about your flu. That does make a mess of one's plans when it happens.

Good luck forcing the tulips. They'll be pretty at a time when we can all use some bright blossoms.

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