When does your market open????????

heidi41(z5 Mass)April 20, 2007

Mid way thru our last market season, I became market manager for our existing market. The original manager just lost interest and backed out. This year through the winter, we have had a few vendor meetings. We will be opening our Market on May 31. We hold a Thursday nite market from 3pm until 7pm. Our market is relatively small, we now have 12 vendors but we seem to be gaining momentum..I'm very excited for this years market. Good luck to All. Heidi

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moonblooms(z8 AL)

We have 3 markets in our area that we work. The opening dates are April 28, May 10 and May 24. We're also setting up at an Earth Day Festival tomorrow. I hope everyone has great success at their markets this year.


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June 23rd, do you believe it? It's because the only other vendors on the board are more hobbyists, and don't want a long season.

I will be traveling and extra 45 miles to participate in a market that opens May 19th.


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1 of our markets opens the day before Mother's day (always does). 1 in June and the other in July. I am glad they don't all start at once though.


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OUrs opens May17th, however it is very small, disorganized, with some in-fighting among the vendors. Small town politics = what can I say???

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kydaylilylady(z6 KY)

I participate in two markets here. One opened this past Saturday and the other will open this coming Saturday. The former will start having Tues. and Thurs. market starting the first week in May.


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Our small market usually opens the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. This year we won't open until June 15. It's always been hard to get enough stuff ready for the earlier date, and or largest veggie farm lost its manager and won't have one in time for an early start (if at all this year).
I've read that small markets tend to open earlier while large ones later. I think the earlier you open the earlier in the season you get burned out.

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

Our market doesn't open until the second week of July. On one hand I wished we opened earlier, especially since I also sell flowers/plants, and these sell better earlier in the season. But then again, it's nice to have that extra time to prepare and really get ready for things. And several of our vendors have outside jobs in addition to farming, so the later start date gives us some breathing room, so we are not so pressured.

We started a Wednesday evening market last year. It was kind of slow, but I think we will be trying it again this year and try to get out more word about it.


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We start this Saturday. It is a little lettuce, spinach and bedding plants and grows weekely until July it is usually full with vendors waiting to see if there will be a space and we end the end of September.

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hengal(z5 / IN)

Our market starts on June 30th and runs through September 15th this year. :)

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hotzcatz(Hamakua, Hawaii)

Umm, ours starts at 7:00 am every Saturday although if you show up late they will save a spot for you.

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