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pinettaApril 20, 2013

why is my squash & tomato plants' bottom leaves turning yellow? (they're still in 6 packs)

what organic fertilizer do ya'll use for your tomato plants while in 6 packs? every one i've used, at the weak strength, just ticks my tomatoes off!!

thinking ahead: what organic method is good to use against squash borers? (other than rotating crops. i'm doing that)

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How much root space does your plants have? To me, squash plants are too big of plants to put into 6pks (1206s). I only plant those seeds into 3 pks (1203), to have more root space.

How long has it been since you planted the squash seeds? I allow about 4 weeks til they need to be in the garden. 6 weeks MAX.

sorry I don't have answer for squash borers, I don't get them that often, thank goodness.

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I spray Pyganic for squash borers. It is organic (and pricey) but is non selective and kills all insects. I spray in the very early morning to keep from killing my bees.

I also rotate my crops on a four year cycle.

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I plant zucchini before or after the SVB are around in hoophouses. Row covers help a great deal as well.

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Alaskan fish is an easy fertilizer to use to green up plants (It smells, though, a lot). I agree that your plants are probably root-bound from having been in the container too long. Planting them in the ground or moving them to a larger container would probably fix the yellowing problem.

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We continually have problems with borers, I believe my grandma uses cayanne pepper powder. Disolving it in some water and spraying it on the plants should help most bugs and deer if you have problems with them. But, I suggest using a variety of things and find whatever works best.


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little_minnie(zone 4a)

The Organic Gardening or Vegetable Gardening forums would probably be better for your questions.

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thanks for all the great info & anyone else who wants to contribute after this thank you, please do!

the squash & tomatoes--yes, it's prolly that they're ready to go either in the ground or a bigger container. will use the bigger 3 packs next time. i used the deep 6 packs, but can see that the 3 pack would be even better.

cayenne pepper--great idea!! thx!!

organic gardening forum idea---thx! i'm fairly new to this forum so haven't had a chance to check out all the various topics.

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Isn't it time for your tomatoes to be in the ground? seems close to me, I used to live in Tpa and it seemed like they were planting in Feb/March. Quite a shock for an Indiana native gardener.

Here, I transplant my tomatoes at least 3-4 times, each into a larger pot until they get into the ground.


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marla, yep! but i also grow them to sell as plants as well.

i NEVER plant before easter here, unless i KNOW that i'm gonna cover them up. we WILL get a freeze right before or even right after easter, almost guaranteed. even if we have 70s for a couple of weeks or even 80s. almost never fails. crazy.

we had such nice weather this late winter/early spring that a small bunch of blackberry bushes already have ripe berries on them!! something that usually doesn't happen til May!! but we still had 2 nights of frost at easter. lost most of my basil babies & morning glory babies to those 2 nights. sniff sniff......

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Pinetta, I could send you all kinds of wild morning glories, they're weeds here. Pretty but deadly to any plant around it.

Where about are you?

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When greenhouse temperatures become too high put up some shade cloth for the tomato plants that are in six packs,they will look much nicer..

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