winterberry flowering times

pankhi(z7Md)January 27, 2005

I have 10 year-old male and female winterberry shrubs (Ilex verticillata). The female is now about 10 feet tall and the male is about 3 feet tall. The shurbs came from Behnke nursery. I want to plant more female winterberry shrubs but don't know which male I have. I was told that I should look at when the male has flowers to determine the cultivar. I live in Montgomery County, MD (about 15 miles northwest of Wash. DC). Does anyone have approximate timings of flowering for the various male cultivars?

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bogturtle(SE NJ 7a)

I will attempt to e-mail you a picture of the chart published in my catalog. It may actually be on their website, but I did not check. Their calendar dates may be different since I do not know the source of their chart, but if you know the name of your female plant, the chart shows bloom time for a compatible male.
If I knew how to post full sized pictures, I would simply attach it here. The only pictures I have learned how to post turn out tiny.
I have a similar problem with a female that gets almost no berries. Wild plants are probably less than a mile away but insects pollinate these plants and the chances are slight that any little insect will get from a male to my female.
I ordered the male called 'Apollo' and only hope bloom times coincide, not knowing the variety of female I have.
I did not check the garden webs search engine for an answer to your question. This is often the first thing a person should do, but you cannot always find a direct answer.

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