japanese maple problem

rangerfan94May 26, 2007

I live in southern NY(Staten Island,NYC) and was wondering what would make my seemingly healthy 11+ year old japanese red maple not bloom on at least 2/3 of its branches?This tree looked perfectly healthy last year,and the fact that most of it may be dead is killing me.Is there anything I can do?Any help would be greatly appreciated

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

Most likely the spring freeze I assume you mean "leaf out" not simply bloom. It likely started to come out before the freeze in march and got hit...If you didn't get the freeze others here can help you but I can tell you it is not uncommon it most likely had a disease going for a long time like vercillium but somehow was shocked maybe by the winter and such opportunistic disease took hold and zapped it ...Either way I would trim off all the dead and dieing and any branches that are encircled in black NOW ( DO NOT wait til fall/winter as many will tell you is best time to prune you don't want it to spread), burn or otherwise dispose of this trash and don't leave it laying around,disinfect cutters with alchohol ( I use purel hand sanitizer I keep a pump in my shirt pocket and squirt it on ) between each cut ...as I said it may just be the freeze...but that too has cased oppotunistic diseases on several of my trees ...no need to take chances... David

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