Why I Grow Milkweed

linda_tx8(8)April 26, 2014

Monarch caterpillar on Tropical Milkweed. We also see Queens, which use milkweed as a host plant.

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awesome!!! keep us posted with his/her development!!!

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The caterpillar is growing fairly fast. The 3 eggs I found on Antelope Horns milkweed afterward just hatched and I think maybe they're Monarchs also...as far as I can tell, using my magnifying loupe.

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My name is Sharon. I'm a regular at the seed exchange forum. I would appreciate assistance in propogating the milkweed seed? Is there any special technique? I have stratisfied a fair amount of seed since last fall. Hopefully I'll be successful in growing them from these seed.
Thanks in advance.

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Sharon, do you know what kind of species of milkweed you're trying to grow? And by the way, thank you for trying to grow milkweed!

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

I use the wintersowing method whenever I start from seed. Use any clear plastic container that will hold 3+ inches of seed starting medium and can have drainage holes made in the bottom. Moisten the medium and sow seeds in the container. Cover with clear plastic with ventilation holes and put outdoors. The seeds will sprout when the temps and sun are appropriate. Most of my milkweeds have already sprouted, so I'd get those seeds in dirt, quick!


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