when to start tomatos

shadberryJanuary 25, 2009

I put my plants out on or about mothers day. When should I start them inside? In the past I have bought ones already started but last year started some inside but they were obviously late. Thanks

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I would about Feb 1st, or earlier.

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francescod(6b/7a VA)

I start mine in early March -about 9,000 plants, 100+ varieties. They get transplanted into 2.5 inch pots in 4 weeks and are usually ready for sale two weeks after that at my nursery at the end of April. By Mother's day they are usually about a foot tall, healthy, stocky and ready to go in the ground. Although here in Northern VA we have had hard frosts as late as Memorial Day recently. If I started my plants in Feb they would be too big by May! I do a second crop in late March that are ready around Mother's day-about 6 inches tall or so. Once Tomatoes get growing, they grow fast! I sometimes pot up the little ones into an 8 inch pot and the roots fill the pot and the plant is 2 plus feet tall within 2 weeks. Be sure to provide lots of sun or artificial light (14 hours total) or they will get really leggy and weak.

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Tomatoes sprout and grow quickly from seeds so early March sounds about right for Mother's Day. On the other hand, if you are growing say peppers, they may take about 3 weeks to sprout once seeds are planted.

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