Neem Oil on Milkweed

cghpndApril 23, 2014

My sister in Florida used Neem oil ONE time on a few of her Milkweed plants.

She has seen Monarch cats on the plants since she sprayed. But she did not see them on there before she sprayed. So she is thinking there was eggs during the spray. She has seen the Monarchs in her yard.
So she is concerned if the caterpillars will be harmed if they ate the leaves off of the plant was sprayed once. She said she washed all the leaves off immediately when she seen the butterflies in her yard. So maybe she sprayed the plants about 8 days ago. Any suggestions? Sorry If its confusing. Thanks

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I was meandering around the forums and came across this question in this very slow forum. Even though the OP is most likely long gone and has lost interest in this very old post, it's worthy of an answer.

Neem should never be applied to any host plant during the time of egg laying and caterpillar feeding. It should also never be applied to blossoms that will be visited by pollinating insects.

Neem can have a smothering effect on eggs and mites, but is most effective at controlling chewing insects. When ingested, neem acts as a growth regulator, inhibiting the normal progression from nymph or larva to adult.

Short answer...neem should never be applied to milkweed, period.

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