is she a dead stick?

fenixMay 13, 2007

I purchased the 4 foot Bloodgood Maple Tree in early April. It was purchased mail order so it arrived fully leafed out, looking beautiful. Because of the unexpected cold snap in early April, I couldnÂt plant it right away. I had it in the house for a couple of days and because of the dry air in the house (at least that is what I was told) the leaves shriveled, died and fell off. I planted it a couple of weeks later, expecting the buds and leaves to come back. Most of the small braches all died. A few small leaves have appeared on the trunk of the tree, but are shriveled and do not look good. Right now I basically have a 3 1/2 foot stick (the top 6 inches also died). IÂm hesitant to simply discard the thing as it is still nice and green underneath the bark on the trunk (when I conduct the ol' fingernail scratch test). Suggestions?

P.S. The company I ordered it from did remedy the situation and sent me a new, albeit smaller tree. But again, IÂm not sure this thing is completely dead, and if it isnÂt I hate to get rid of it.

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

No harm in waiting ...I woundn't get your hopes up ...the scratch test only tells you it is alive but not by how much ...I have found you never really know from that could releaf but you could do the same test next week and find NO green if there is any black areas on the trunk it's likely toast... as i said it doesn't hurt to wait a few weeks David

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