where to plant japanese maple??

mmgrowMay 16, 2007

I live in pensacola,florida(the gulf coast)zone 8. I wanted to to purchase a red japanese maple to plant near a window for a nice view. The area gets no sun until about 1:00 and then straight afternoon sun. I was told that japanese maples don't like too much sun (it turns the leaves brown). would that area still qualify as "too much sun?" Please keep in mind that pensacola is NOT the midwest-our afternoon sun is pretty intense and many plants that may thrive in full sun in other parts of the country wouldn't stand a chance here. I really want to plant the tree in that spot, but not if it means throwing away a $150.00 mothers day gift! thanks

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Given the situation, I wouldn't. Morning sun with afternoon shade is a much more suitable situation.

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Ya... I was afraid of that answer. Okay- I'll sacrifice my view for a "living" tree!LOL

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Dont give up and I hope you get this. I live in Auburn and my parents live in Chipley Florida. They have a 7 year old Crimson Queen in similiar environ that does not even leaf scorch in late summer (10 foot by 10 foot). Garnet is another disectum that may also do well as it likes full sun for a period to really be and stay red (also 10 feet by 10 feet). That is a laceleaf cultivar. 2 others come to mind that do well in full sun and therefore may be good candidates and the include Emporer I (25 feet at full maturity) and Shaina (compact dwarf to 9 feet at full maturity). Either way, I would not plant anything less than 3-4 years old in that spot and in that first year I would try to make sure it does not get too stressed from drought or even over-fertilizing (nitrogen). I hope you get this and good luck.

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