Can JM survive full shade?

laopiMay 29, 2009


I had a almost full shade on north of my house, I'd like to plant a JM, can it survive?


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I have a full moon maple in full shade. It seems to like it

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I'd like a better explanation of what is considered "almost full shade". Generally, full shade is created by something overhead that fully blocks the sun - a dense tree canopy, an overhead structure, etc. The north side of a house typically does not get too much direct sunlight but it is usually a bright, indirect light condition. And if your home is painted a light color, there is often a lot of reflected light as well.

Many plants in full shade can suffer, not just because of the lack of light but also because whatever is causing the lack of light prevents rainfall from penetrating well also. But I suspect you do not have these very limiting conditions and many maples will thrive in lower light areas. Those with highly variegated foliage and reticulated (heavily veined) or very pale colored foliage - like the Golden fullmoon maple - will do very well in these conditions. Redleafed maples typically do not retain very good color if in too much shade. They need some sun for that color to develop well.

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All japanese maples like some sun but never complete shade or full sun including afternoon sun. The fullmoon maple will do well here and some of the japonica species as well.

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Full shade is a relative term. If you mean underneath overstory trees with minimal filtered sun, then it's OK. If you mean under a roof where it gets almost no light, then it's not a good situation. Maples actually do quite fine with very limited sun, but total shade is impossible.

I have many maples that get zero minutes of direct sun and they flourish. Some cultivars may have less(or more) color/varigation, so keep that in mind.

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I apologize for my lack of precision. My yard actually faces south but there is a wooded hill rising behind it, so very little sun falls on my yard. I do have a very small full moon maple that has done well in total shade. The one that is about 6' tall gets some sun during the late spring - early fall days.

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