Tracking profits - an intersting read!

wordwizApril 3, 2011

I was looking for info on the average ounces of Swiss Chard to expect per plant and came across this.

Obviously, they are into markets BIG time but I like how they analyze everything.


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A great read, good enough for me to print and hand out to other family members.

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I liked the part where they decided to add an irrigation system and not only that, but pay 10 Grand to do it, then make 15 grand the next year.

Uncle Herb one year spent $15,000 on a combine ( at lot of money in the early '70s!) that allowed him to harvest soybeans and corn. Working of an evening or night, he more than paid for it the first year doing custom combining for neighbors.


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We put a well in this last summer and expect to be able to water our plants from well water instead of going elsewhere and filling 55 gal barrels to water some of the plants. Most of the time, the plants had to fend for themselves. This year, we will be able to help them out.

My oldest son did irrigation in FL and he's already thinking about how to get the water across the driveway and setting up hydrants and other things for the field across the drive. He's probably thought about the plots on the same side as the well, but he hasn't told me yet.

I remember the 70s very well, my son got ahold of his dad's pay stubs, he was amazed on how little pay it was. 55 hrs was barely $200.


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I can see the financial bennies of adding a well-water or even rain water irrigation system, especially in years like the last season we went through.

One of my goals, over the next year, is to create a huge mulch/compost pile that I can use around the rows. That should decrease my need for water.


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