Favorite green beans to plant

pitterpat_2009April 16, 2010

What is a good, early, somewhat tolerant, to cool soil when planting green bean.

I love Jade, and will do a purple this year and I am looking for a good long slender yellow recomendation.... any one have one??

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My purples are Royal Burgundy, my yellows are only Cherokee Wax. If you want a bean for cool soil, be sure that the seed color is brown, not white. The white seeded beans need warmer soil. I like Provider, Contender, and Burpees Stringless. Tendergreen is good also. You will notice that I plant the old varieties, they're usually cheaper and if I don't get the beans picked in time, I can let them go to seed for the next year.

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Cherolee wax, I may try this,
I have not had good luck with yellow beans, is this
a hybrid or can i save the seeds?

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Cherokee Wax is a very old bean, and yes you can save the seed. I like the black seed version, I have seen a brown seed that someone was selling as Cherokee Wax.

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My maincrop bean is good old Blue Lake; however, I also mix it up with some Top Crop and Contender. This year, I'm experimenting with some of those French fillet beans both in bush and pole forms (Fortex, Maxibel, and Lynx). Anyone try these? I'll also have limas to sell this year. It seemed that other vendors could not keep these in stock, so I'm trying Fordhook and Christmas limas. As for colored beans, I use Royal Burgundy and Cherokee wax-- but not very many. They did not go over well last year. I'm also selling some dried beans (jacobs cattle and vermont cranberry) just out of curiosity.



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I don't sell near as many yellow and purple beans as the green colored ones. But I prefer them, so if they don't sell, we'll eat them. I plant about 50' of purple, 100' of yellow and 150' of green, plus buy some green from others. During the peak of bean season, we sell between 2-4 bushel of green, and 1/2 bushel of yellow, with a peck of purple. The purple really has to be SOLD for people to buy them the first time. After that they will sell, but that first sale is really rough.

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We grew Maxibel last year and it was awesome. Yields are good, set is a bit concentrated, makes for easier picking, and I had comments that they were the greatest beans they've ever had.

The yellow variety we use is Rocdor which is black seeded and has a quite good cool soil vigor.


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