Sales Pitch....What cha think?

pitterpat_2009April 16, 2010

Sungold/early to ripen/sweet bursts of sunshine/

prolific/natures candy/ easy to call a fruit/


Grown in 4 inch pots,

with composted antibiotic and hormone free sheep manure

sifted on our farm.

$5.00 a 4 inch pot ( I am hoping 10 to 12 inch plants

What ya all think???? I will have 50 of these to sell

this year and am hoping to recover some of the $ I spent on seeds this year (man o man seed prices are making me look into saving my own seed for next year)

Now Pitter patter lets get atter!

Happy gardening to all!

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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)

Where are you selling? I sell my 2-3 inch pots for $2.00. I have 20+ varieties and sell a fair number of them. I have close to 500-600 to sell this year. I also sell peppers and hanging baskets of tomatoes.


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I sell plants that size for $3 and $5 for gallon pots. I don't have a problem with those prices. Actually that was last years prices. I have found that cherry-sized tomatoes don't sell as well as the larger fruit sized plants.

Otherwise, it looks really good. Are you going to print up a sign stating the above? I would, it will save alot of talking. Sometimes, the customers don't want to talk just wants to get the info and buy.

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Yes a sign and maybe a picture of the tomatoes,
I don't know if they will sell never have sold plants
of any kind at the market, trying to get to market quicker
and thought this might be an option and basil too I am hoping.
will let you all know how it goes..

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I printed "sales pitches" like that for my plants last year on the back of index cards. I sold heirloom vegetable plants so I gave a little history and description of each one. It worked well. I did more cherry varieties than bigger sized tomatoes and should have done it the other way around. Also, I stuck to heirlooms and I had a few customers who wanted those hybrids.


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