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debbielMay 22, 2007

My Japanese Maple took a hit with the last big freeze, the bottom third is all leafed out but not the top, I'm thinking the top is dead, would it look too wierd to just cut back the tree to the living part? What do you think the tree would do....I'm just heartbroken it was such a pretty tree about 10 years old and 7 ft tall. Thanks

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

First of all what type of JM is it ...if you don't know the specific cultivar is it upright or weepng... broad leaf or dissected ..Also is it grafted ...look for a bump on the trunk or a differnt color at the base up a foot or so then changes lot of time growers don't match often the base is bright green and as you go up the trunk red but obviously it could go any direction red or green .If it is grafted is the leafing above or below the graft...One way to tell is if the leaf is exactly the same there now as the original dead top tree was ...but that is sometimes difficult unless dissectum or unusual leaf was on the top part and it is now noticably differnt .. If you can answer at least some of these questions we can help you better. David

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