How to fix a Tree Buried Too Deep?

TurbulentMay 12, 2011

I have a chinese pistache tree that is buried to deep. It was planted last year by a nursery, and was just a burlaped tree. I didnt know at the time it was buried to deep. The Flare is completely buried. How far I dont know. The tree has already leafed out, and looks good, however I dont want to loose it. Its about 12ft tall right now.

Do I just dig down to the flare and let it have air? Even though it would be below ground level at that point? Or should I attempt to "raise" raise it? How would I go about doing this?

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It is best to raise the tree if at all possible. Just exposing the root flare does not allow any fine feeder roots to have necessary oxygen exchange and access to moisture and nutrients that typically occur when they are in proper position right below the soil surface.

Raising the tree involves digging it out and redoing the planting hole so that the rootball rests on a secure (not sinkable) base that puts the root flare just above the soil surface and the feeder roots just at or slightly below the soil surface. And considering the lack of planting knowledge the nursery displayed, I'd also want to ensure that all wrappings were properly removed or loosened and that the roots were spread correctly and any circling or girdling roots corrected.

Not the best time of year to do this but better now than waiting and potentially permanently compromising the health of the tree.

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